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Customized to fit your lawns needs

This is how we do it

We here at 7 Brothers Pest Control have developed multiple programs designed specifically to fit the needs of our humid subtropical climate here in South Florida. We’re dedicated to our customers and their complete satisfaction. The majority of our programs include free service calls should an insect creep in, or a weed begins to grow between your regular treatments.

Our Lawn Care Programs are specifically designed for St. Augustine lawns. We have the knowledge, the experience and the dedication needed to make your lawn beautiful. Prices are based on the size of your lawn and can often be quoted right over the phone.

Services Performed
Silver Care Program
Gold Care Program
Visits per Year:EightEight
Chinch Bug Control:GuaranteedGuaranteed
Fire Ant Control:GuaranteedGuaranteed
Sod Webworm Control:GuaranteedGuaranteed
Broadleaf Weed Control:Cool SeasonYear Round
Fungus Control:Extra ChargeYes
Grub Control:Extra ChargeExtra Charge
Crabgrass Control:Unavailable FLUnavailable FL
Free Service Calls:YesYes

Our Climate:

Taking care of your lawn in our tropical climate may seem daunting. Your grass is under constant stress from heat, drought, weeds, insects, humidity, poor water retention, fungus and the list goes on. Correct nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. That means you have to know how to fertilize; what fertilizer to buy, when to apply and how to apply it.

Diligent pest control is needed to win the battle against insect intrusion. Some insects are beneficial to your grass, while others can devastate a lawn within days.

Weeds are also a challenge. Because of our Florida heat, it is important to apply just enough herbicide to kill unsightly weeds without damaging your good grass.

Our Solution:

7brothers Pest Control has decades of combined experience dealing with the challenges our unique climate presents. We’ve perfected the methods and practices needed to keep grass in Southwest Florida healthy, lush and green.

The first step to a healthy lawn is water. Proper watering during the dry season is a must. Dry areas only encourage insect activity and weed growth. Good nutrition is second on the list. Our sandy soil does not retain enough nutrients naturally. Correct fertilization techniques are necessary to replenish the soil and feed the grass.

Finally, a special mix of fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, applied regularly will keep out those ugly weeds and pesky pests.

Snowbird Program:

The Snowbird option allows you to take advantage of our excellent shrub bed weed control program during the summer only. It generally includes four visits. If you are a winter resident that prefers to manage your weeds while you’re in town, this program is ideal for you.

Tree & Shrub Program

When and what to expect:

With our Gold Tree & Shrub Program we’ll make eight (8) scheduled visits throughout the year. These visits will come approximately every six (6) weeks but may vary with seasonal weather patterns.

With our Silver Tree & Shrub Program we’ll make six (6) scheduled visits. These visits will come approximately every two months but may vary with seasonal weather patterns.

The following is a chart that describes what you should expect from us when we treat your shrubs during the different seasons.

Tree & Shrub Program
Description of Service
Over-Wintering Insect Control: This application is a broad-spectrum insect control measure that must be applied during cool winter weather.
Early Season Feeding & Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub food with essential minor elements is supplied. Both immediate and slow release nitrogen is supplied for enhanced color, improved leaf size and thickness and the stimulation of overall growth. Insect control as needed.
Late Spring
Spring Foliage Protection: Insect control targeting aphids, scale, spider mites and white flies. Fertilization or micronutrients are applied as needed to correct plant nutrient deficiencies.
Mid-Season Feeding & Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub food with essential minor elements is applied to all plants. Insect control targeting scale, sider mites, white flies, lace bugs and aphids is applied as needed. (Fertilizers cannot be applied in Sarasota County from June-September)
Late Summer
Integrated Pest Management: All shrubs are inspected and selective insecticides are applied where needed to control spider mites, aphids and scales. (Fertilizers cannot be applied in Sarasota County from June-September)
Fall Feeding & Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub food with essential minor elements are supplied. Both immediate and slow release nitrogen and potassium is supplied for enhanced color, improved leaf size and thickness and to stimulate root development. Insect control as needed.

Shrub bed Weed Control

If you’re like most people the thought of pulling weeds in your shrub beds and driveway makes you crazy. Often the weeds get away from you before you realize it and then you have a huge job ahead. Maybe you return from up north to find your home looks abandoned with weeds as high as your shrubs.

We’ve developed a program to manage this difficult problem, and our solution won’t cost you a fortune. This program targets the weeds in your shrub beds with pre-emergents used to stop weeds before they begin growing. We also apply products that will kill any existing weeds. This two-fold form of action on our part is extremely effective.

Shrub Bed Weed Control Program
DetailsGold Program
Visits per YearEight
Shrub BedsIncluded
Driveway CracksIncluded
Pre-Emergent Weed ControlIncluded
Post-Emergent Weed ControlIncluded
Hand PullingNot Included
Service CallsFree

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